Skin Care Treatments

Advanced Skin Care Treatments

NEW Microdermabrasion Facial

Chemical & mechanical means of exfoliation are paired together to help achieve dramatic results in the treatment room. Microdermabrasion exfoliates cellular buildup to brighten the skin, refine pores, slow oil production, & prevent development of acne. This treatment combines a cleanse, light peel, Microdermabrasion, extractions, facial massage & mask, ending with a Moisturizer.

  • 1 hour Facial $110 
  • Express Facial $80
  • Purchase a Microdermabrasion Package of 6 sessions: $275
  • Facial / Microderm Combination Package of 6 for $425.
    Includes a Free Face Wash


Micro Current Session
  • 45 min, $95.00
  •  Micro Current Treatment Package of 5 sessions for $375


The Ultrasonic Firming Facial: 1 Hour Facial

This Combination therapeutic facial stimulates the facial muscles through low frequency micro-current, vibrating water into the skin cleaning out impurities from the pores. After the deep cleansing phase, dirt & grime are gently flushed out preparing the skin for the product penetration where a customized serum is infused into your skin. Finally, The toning & lifting phase will stimulate the facial muscles increasing collagen & elastin production creating a toning & lifting effect. Finish with an application of a mask, toner & moisturizer. This 4 phase treatment is ideal for sensitive, aging, or acne prone skin.

  • 60 minutes $80


NEW Ultrasonic Rejuvenation Facial

The Ultrasonic Rejuvenation Facial is an effective treatment that lifts, and tightens the look of the face while infusing potent antioxidants & collagen boosting activities into deeper layers of the skin. This facial includes a deep cleanse, light peel, Ultrasonic infusion, extractions, massage & mask, ending with a hydrating moisturizer.

  • 1 hour facial  $110 
  • Express Facial $80


NEW Allure Trio Facial

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of chemical exfoliation, up to two passes of crystal-free diamond microdermabrasion and ultrasonic infusion. Phase 1 includes improving texture & brightening your skin with a combined light facial peel & Microdermabrasion. Phase 2 involves hydration, plumping, & wrinkle reduction with Ultrasonic Rejuvenation. Phase 3 concludes with top serums to restore radiance to dull, dry or aged skin. The improvement of skin texture, minimized pores, brighter tone, & radiant glow are sure to please your skin!!

  • 1 hour Facial $140

** Feature Pumpkin Facial $50 through December
Pumpkin Body Scrub : $ 60  or Combination: $100



This skilled exfoliating procedure involves gently moving a scalpel over the outer layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells, evening out skin tone, & removing fine facial hair. The newly soft, clean skin allows for better product penetration, & smoother make-up application. This non-invasive procedure can be combined with other facial treatments to enhance their effectiveness.

  • $60


Skin Restoring Chemical Peels

Customized depending on your individual skin care needs, revive your skin with these powerful Peels targeting hyperpigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone, & sun damage.

  • $95
  • Purchase a Peel Package of 6 Treatments: $475




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The Brightening Facial

Rejuvenate your skin & restore the appearance of your natural glow with this delightful Green Tea Cleansing consisting of powerful antioxidants, followed by a brightening corrective mask, & plumping hyaluronic acid serum giving your skin a bright, radiant glow! This relaxing treatment includes a classic hand & arm massage.

60 minutes $85

De-Stress Me -Neck & Shoulder Facial

Ease away tension with this uplifting mini facial focusing on lifting away stress & tension from your neck, shoulders & facial muscles. This therapeutic treatment begins with a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, and warm towels to purify & open pores. Nod off into deep relaxation while your shoulder, neck & face muscles are gently massaged to relieve tired, sore muscles. Enjoy a customized mask while receiving a relaxing scalp massage.

  • 45 minutes- $55
Purify & Revive Facial

This relaxing deep cleansing facial helps to remove impurities, balance oil production, and restore your skin’s youthful appearance through a deep cleanse, exfoliation, & steam (gentle extractions when needed). Complete this refreshing treatment with a mask & moisturizer. Customized to your individual skin type, this indulgent treatment is provided with personal attention to your needs.

55 minutes $65

Spa Teen Facial

Customized facial designed specifically for the younger client to improve & learn how to take care of their skin. Add on a take home skin care regimen package for just $30 (*20% off !) – age 17 & under.

  • 30 minutes $35
The Un-Wrinkle Treatment

This customized combination Facial & Peel treatment includes a deep cleanse, corrective peel, anti-aging serums, skin plumping hyaluronic acid, & a revitalizing eye treatment. Enjoy a gentle hand & scalp massage while your skin reaps the benefits of a restorative mask. The Un-Wrinkle treatment promotes cellular regeneration, boosts collagen & reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

  • 60 minutes $100
The Signature Facial (includes Microdermabrasion)

This total relaxation experience will be a little treat for your overworked back, shoulders, & neck. Begin with a deep cleanse of your back, followed by an exfoliation, warm steam, gentle extractions (if needed), soothing warm towels are applied to your back, & a calming 20 minute back, shoulder & neck massage. Conclude this pampering treatment with a refreshing facial that includes microdermabrasion, a hydrating mask, hand, face & scalp massage.

  • 75 minutes $120
Pick Me Up Treatment

When time is of the essence, this treatment cleanses & exfoliates your skin leaving a visible glow, followed by a moisturizer. (no extractions).

  • 25 minutes $35
Back Facial Treatment

Enjoy the many benefits to your skin with this relaxing back treatment! We’ll focus on those hard to reach, overworked areas. Begin with a deep cleansing, followed by a warm exfoliating scrub to help loosen impurities. Warm steam infuses into your tired muscles, relaxing & opening up pores. Gentle extractions may be done if needed, followed by toning. Drift off into deep relaxation as your back muscles, arms, & hands are massaged relieving tension & stress. Enjoy warm towels and a scalp massage. A final moisturizing treatment is applied to your newly polished back.

  • 45 minutes $55


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